Dan Zieglmeier, FarmTECH Spring 2014 Summary

Just click on the link in order to view a PDF slideshow relating to the project described in each short paragraph. Enjoy!

The first presentation of the semester for me was a discussion of a small scale farming article written by Wendel E Barry. Reading Presentation (Wendel E Barry)

After visiting a number of nearby small scale farms we were tasked with presenting information on one of these farms. With my partner Alex, I researched Common Harvest Farms. Project 1 Farm Research (Common Harvest Farms)

As a way of introducing the class to use the rhino software, as well as to learn how certain mechanical objects function my partner Emma and I dissected a bicycle and modeled the major systems. Project 2 Tool Disection (Bicycle) 

With the knowledge learned from the first two projects of the semester my partner Rob and I attempted to prototype a circular, center point, all in one farming system. Project 3 Prototyping (AgroCircle) 

After learning the errors of our previous project and realizing the time and scale limitations we were faced with, Rob and I designed and produced a functional pedal powered knife sharpener mounted on a fully functional bicycle. Project 4 Final Tool (Knife Sharpener)

The result of this semester was a much higher level of understanding in the areas of farming and engineering. In comparison to other workshops I have previously taken it was very educational to design projects that needed to be fabricated and functional instead of focusing on the aesthetics.

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Arthur Dunne, Emma Siegworth, and Meryl Rosemarin – Pedal Powered Root Washer Final Project Presentation

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Robotic “Farming Machine”

Daniel Handeen shared this project after our review- perhaps the beginning of FarmTECH 2.0!

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Pedal Powered Lawn Mower

Inspiration for future FarmTECH tools!

bicycle lawn-mower

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Row Cover Roller — Alexa Zyllo

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Dan Z. & Rob A. — Pedal Powered Knife Sharpener

We have almost completed our working model. Today, we will be constructing a U-frame to attach our gear and stone system to the bike frame as well as a center stand to raise the rear wheel off the ground to freely spin while sharpening.

Here is the 3D model we have:



We are looking to utilize a stand similar to the one pictured below:

For the attachment system to the frame, we are re-purposing an old attachment from one of our bikes that connected a baby seat behind the bike seat. I do not currently have pictures of our tool, but may take some today and attach them to this posting later on.

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Pedal Powered Root Washer

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So far, the hardest part has been getting the mesh to move smoothly along the pipe which will be attached with a belt to the caster the bike is sitting on. We tried screws, but the mesh was getting caught, so we decided to create gears. We laser-cut gears as a test and they moved the mesh very cleanly. Then we plasma-cut the gears with scrap steel. We hope to weld the gears to the pipe tomorrow.

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Bomb cart!!

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It is a long and challenging process but we finally decided where the best place to mount the wheels on. It took a lot of figuring out and sacrificing certain features. We added a frame around the wheel placement to help distribute the load and to keep the tires straight instead of wanting to kick to the outside and bow in. The brackets to hold the actually wheel to the frame was born from a similar idea as the bicycle, and plasma cutted into 1/4″ steel. Its defiantly coming along

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Shell Ideas360

The Shell Ideas360 Competition is a perfect opportunity to push the FarmTECH tools to the next level.

Shell Ideas360 is a global competition organised by Shell International Limited for students to develop game-changing ideas for tackling Energy, Water and Food issues.


Thank you for sharing this Dawn!

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