Dan Zieglmeier, FarmTECH Spring 2014 Summary

Just click on the link in order to view a PDF slideshow relating to the project described in each short paragraph. Enjoy!

The first presentation of the semester for me was a discussion of a small scale farming article written by Wendel E Barry. Reading Presentation (Wendel E Barry)

After visiting a number of nearby small scale farms we were tasked with presenting information on one of these farms. With my partner Alex, I researched Common Harvest Farms. Project 1 Farm Research (Common Harvest Farms)

As a way of introducing the class to use the rhino software, as well as to learn how certain mechanical objects function my partner Emma and I dissected a bicycle and modeled the major systems. Project 2 Tool Disection (Bicycle) 

With the knowledge learned from the first two projects of the semester my partner Rob and I attempted to prototype a circular, center point, all in one farming system. Project 3 Prototyping (AgroCircle) 

After learning the errors of our previous project and realizing the time and scale limitations we were faced with, Rob and I designed and produced a functional pedal powered knife sharpener mounted on a fully functional bicycle. Project 4 Final Tool (Knife Sharpener)

The result of this semester was a much higher level of understanding in the areas of farming and engineering. In comparison to other workshops I have previously taken it was very educational to design projects that needed to be fabricated and functional instead of focusing on the aesthetics.

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Arthur Dunne, Emma Siegworth, and Meryl Rosemarin – Pedal Powered Root Washer Final Project Presentation

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Robotic “Farming Machine”

Daniel Handeen shared this project after our review- perhaps the beginning of FarmTECH 2.0!

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Pedal Powered Lawn Mower

Inspiration for future FarmTECH tools!

bicycle lawn-mower

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Row Cover Roller — Alexa Zyllo

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Dan Z. & Rob A. — Pedal Powered Knife Sharpener

We have almost completed our working model. Today, we will be constructing a U-frame to attach our gear and stone system to the bike frame as well as a center stand to raise the rear wheel off the ground to freely spin while sharpening.

Here is the 3D model we have:



We are looking to utilize a stand similar to the one pictured below:

For the attachment system to the frame, we are re-purposing an old attachment from one of our bikes that connected a baby seat behind the bike seat. I do not currently have pictures of our tool, but may take some today and attach them to this posting later on.

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